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IMG_0853I am father to three fantastic children and husband to a woman who not only inspires me with her compassion and selflessness, but also for her sheer will to achieve the things she wants to achieve.

A few years back a doctor told me how unhealthy I was. Yeah, as if I didn’t know right? I was a smoker, drank beer as much as I wanted to and sat around not even thinking about the dreaded exercise word. As soon as he told me my cholesterol level was off the chart, and I was at risk of a heart attack at a young age, it was time to make a difference.

I gave up just about everything. I was a smoker for 20+ years and got hypnotized to help me quit; nothing else worked and I tried everything. I started running. I started doing Obstacle Course Racing. I was shocked, I loved doing it. I thought for sure my numbers would get better… not so much! Seems my diet of saturated fats and meat was what was killing me. So I went vegan and cut out all meat, dairy and animal derived food product. I refuse to live life via a pill and going this route seemed the most practical.

While I do enjoy this lifestyle I have chosen, I will never be preachy. My hope with this blog is to share stories that have helped me, maybe you are in my shoes too. I also hope to shed light on gear I use for training, exercises, WOD’s. I’m not here to gloat, there is nothing to gloat about really. I’m just trying to make the changes I can to live a natural and healthy lifestyle. There will be bumps, there will be hurdles; it’s all in how we get over them that will define our results.

I believe that life is not measured by the crap you accumulate, but is measured by the morality in which you live it. Religious jargon, political jargon, it’s all just dressing people. It’s taken me nearly 40 years to find the person I am meant to be.

I have written on an off for over a decade. I’ve had work published in a few different magazines, a couple of research anthologies (including The Pixel In The Lotus) and have provided commentary in a few magazines and books as well.  I’ve enjoyed writing on a variety of subjects from reviewing music demo’s to concerts, writing about meditation and a spiritual journey, blogging about vegan products to my newest passion; endurance racing and living a vegan lifestyle.

I started compiling a resume of my writing, you can view it by clicking here. I am happy to write, and or contribute, to anything you find my voice could be relevant to. Please click the contact page above and let’s get some ideas going.


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