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IMG_0853Hello world, I’m Nate; the Vegan Cable Guy!

I am father to three fantastic children and husband to a woman who not only inspires me with her compassion and selflessness, but also for her sheer will to achieve the things she wants to achieve.

The purpose of VCG is to show you, the reader and the world at large, that transitioning to a more healthful an compassionate lifestyle is attainable for anyone. If a former beer swilling, chain smoking, ferocious carnist and death metal front-man can do it; so can you!

I am here not only to show you how I do it but help you attain that goal.

In late 2013/ early 2014 I went vegan for health reasons; I had severe cholesterol issues. Since then my levels have balanced out.

I had started running before going vegan but have made strides (pun intended) since I made the change. I’ve run a variety of types of races from OCRs to Ragnar Relays and even ultra-marathons. I;m currently in training for a 100k run; the distance of Cape Cod.

I have written on an off for over a decade. My first piece was probably the most fun and daunting, you can read it here. I’ve had work published in a few different magazines, a couple of research anthologies and have provided commentary in some magazines and books as well.  I’ve enjoyed writing on a variety of subjects from reviewing music demo’s to concerts, writing about meditation and a spiritual journey, blogging about vegan products to my newest passion; endurance racing and living a vegan lifestyle.

If I can answer any questions, or ease any trepidation you have about make this “dramatic” change then feel free to e-mail me at vegancableguy@gmail.com

Thank you for stopping by the Vegan Cable Guy!