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A guy I shared a VT mountain with for about 20 hours this past winter, at the Winter Death Race, has been ranting and raving online about an awesome protein supplement company. In pics he is always sporting their shirts, etc. I’m pretty sure he’s one of those cool ambassador types, lol! So, I started digging around and reading what people thought about it, and then I noticed they had a plant based line of proteins on top of the other protein mixes they carry. Hmmm…

About Time was gracious enough to send some samples over to test out and here’s what I got for ya.

First, let’s knock out the nutrition facts, which I poached from the About Time website:

About Time Ve™ contains: 24 grams of plant based protein from peas, pumpkins, and brown rice
Essential branch chain amino acids
Infusions of coconut oil powder for healthy essential fatty acids
Digestive enzyme blend
No gluten, no sugar, and just 1 gram of carbs Sweetened with Stevia
Natural flavorings, including Vanilla, Chocolate and Cinnamon Spice

abouttimeI got to test out two flavors, the Cinnamon Spice (pictured to the right) and the chocolate. Both flavors were yummy, I’ma bit partial to the cinnamon spice as I found I could do a lot more with it. I eat a bowl of oatmeal every morning. On of the staples in each bowl is cinnamon. I’ve got to find something to put in it for protein, which usually ends up being a tbsp of chia, well because, umm CHIA! I also usually throw in a bit of shredded coconut. But, you didn’t come here for a breakfast run down, you came here to read a review on About Time.

So that oatmeal, yeah it got a lot easier to prepare since all I had to was add a scoop of About Time Cinnamon Spice and a pinch of coconut shreds. It mixed very well in my oatmeal, but how so in water? I didn’t have to shake it to much, it mixed very well and quickly. If it sat for a couple minutes, it did seem to separate a little, but that’s nothing new for vegan protein. I find that now that I’ve not dealt with way, since going plant based, things don’t bind as well for protein shakes, so no points taken away for that. Just a couple quick shakes and it’s good to go again.

It tastes really amazing, not as synthetic as a lot of powders on the market, and that’s a good thing. I supplement to take in foods and nutrition I wouldn’t normally be able to get during a day. I’m a cable guy for cripes sake, I’m not Arnold! I’m not trying to get buff, jacked or whatever word you want to use. I am looking to recover from workouts though and to make sure the muscle I do have is properly fed. So, for me, it’s important that the supplements I do take are as close to a whole food as possible. This stuff is great. It’s clean and as health conscious as you can get in a tub full of powdered food. It doesn’t sit heavy in your belly either, BONUS!

There is a bit of texture, it’s not smooth as water. Again, coming from a whole food base, you can’t get it that smooth anyway. Don’t get me wrong, your not chewing this stuff or anything. It’s not gritty or chalky, so don’t read into that wrong either. If I were to guess, some of that “texture” comes from the pumpkin, which is genius by the way. Maybe I’m just ignorant, but I haven’t heard anyone using pumpkin seed protein before.

All in all, loved it. Would happily keep using it. Thank you to About Time for the opportunity to try this stuff and fill the readers in on a great product.

Website: http://tryabouttime.com/


  1. Ellie says:

    I love Vega vanilla mixed with mashed bananas, chia seeds and blueberries. It’s like a thick fudge. Are there any other flavors of this protein powder?

    • Nate says:

      I’m a huge Vega guy, if I were to ever just use one brand it would be them. I like that they have all the added veggies.

      Yes, they have vanilla, chocolate and the cinnamon. I’m thinking when fall hits this stuff is going to be great for breads and bars and stuff.

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