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2019: Disciplined Intention

So here we are; January 1st, 2019!

As you may or may not have read in my near chronological breakdown of 2018, it was a year that had a lot of ups and downs. Thankfully, it is in the past at this point. This very moment is filled with hope and the expectation that 2019 is going to be filled with a variety of prodigious goals and achievements. One in particular is filled with so much planning that I’m hoping the details don’t overwhelm the process but, alas, it (and the rest of the list) will be accomplished. The easiest way for me to explain to you some of those if to create a small list and then pick them apart.

Let’s go from smallest goal (most attainable) to the largest (most important).

1. Drink more water
2. Meditate daily
3. Plan more vegan potlucks
4. Start podcasting 
5. Write on this blog more
6. Be more extroverted and less introverted
7. Run more w/ Strong Hearts Vegan Power
8. Visit friends out of state
9. Run across Cape Cod
10. Spend more time with my kids

Drink more water is pretty self explanatory. I’m really good about doing it when I have races coming up, or when I’m working in the summer. That said, hydration is a year round thing and I really need to do better to drink more. I’m sure these headaches would subside and skin dryness would dissipate. How do you make sure you get enough water every day?

Similar to water, meditating every day doesn’t need much explaining. I have found that when I meditate more, my stress level is lower and my tolerance for bullsh*t is higher. This is going to be hard to keep a regimen but I will make time the best I can.

During 2018 I was able to put on a couple of vegan potlucks and they were pretty successful in bringing a new group of folks together here on Cape Cod and creating a small community. Toward the end of 2018 it sputtered a bit as I had some issues finding a place to host the Autumn event and am having issues presently doing the Winter one. I have a line out to someone, though, and feel like some big news will be coming soon on this. I would prefer to have just one place that I can book 4 solid dates per year at and be done. It’s easier on attendees, it’s easier on me and we all get yo eat yummy vegan food; YAY!!

Start podcasting? What? This one may be a bit trickier. First, I need my own laptop to do this. I only have one from work right now and can’t install new software on it, meaning no recording/ editing software. I have the knowledge to edit, I just need the equipment. Oh and I have to not hate hearing the sound of my voice being played back and maybe gain a bit more confidence in sharing stories about my life or whatever topic I’m waxing poetic about. More to come on this but I could maybe use some advice. My pal Michael Harren has told me he’d help, maybe it’s time to talk more with him.

I would love to write on the blog more, it’s been a goal the past year or two. I feel though that a lot of the topics I would cover are already covered somewhere else. Does the vegan blogosphere really need someone else saying the same stuff? Does my voice really matter that much? I guess i have to figure out what is most important to me and just start there. More to come here as well.

Being more extroverted versus being introverted; this is much easier said then done. Over the past few years I got in this mindset of complacency and comfort. My home felt like the only place I wanted to be. Yes I went out to some social things like running a Ragnar with my friends in Strong Hearts Vegan Power or to a potluck, but because of my social awkwardness, when the event was over I was always relieved to be back on my couch in my home. This all stems from the fact I am not super confident in myself. Yes, I can accomplish anything I put my mind too, I get it. But that social awkwardness thing is always in the back of my head whether you are seeing it when we are face to face or not; it’s there and it’s alarming at times. For instance, right now the thought of even entertaining the idea of asking someone to dinner is frightening. After not having dated in so long how does one even start over? I can’t stay in my concrete floored condo forever though and I have to get out. So that’s what I plan to do. When the time comes, here’s hoping she likes vegan pizza!

Running more with SHVP is going to be difficult as I will now have to arrange care for the boys when I’m away but this is not at all out of the question. For one, I have already signed up to run the Vegan Power 50k Relay with a couple SHVP friends. Since this event is held at Pittsfield State Forest I’m gonna turn it into a camping weekend with the boys and while I’m running my 5 mile loops, they will be at one of the aid stations. I mentioned this to them and they are excited to see how the process works, and to be camping away for the weekend. I guess I’ve already started adapting when it comes to things like this but I will have to be crafty a Ragnar is thrown in there. Masters division? Ya we can crush it!!

My boy Jay and other upstate New York friends are always talking about getting together, so I need to make this happen. I’ve never been to Ithaca so to see the gorges and other cool stuff would be awesome. Again, gotta just make the effort here which I hope to soon. Oh and a stop into Strong Hearts Cafe would be pretty f*cking amazing too!

What is run across Cape Cod you ask? Well it’s been a tab up above for a while now and I think I’m ready to really focus on it. This past month I’ve been on a strength training regimen and a new nutrition plan. After a full 90 day cycle I start running again and in the fall of this year I will run from one of the Cape Cod bridges to the tip of Provincetown. Why? Well because I try to set one very crazy goal each year and this year this seemed like the craziest. Plus, it’s officially a 100k distance (it’s over 62 miles) so it’d be nice to check that distance off the bucket list. More to come on that as I rebuild that site and possibly look for some sponsors who want to help and raise funds for my favorite animal sanctuary,

Lastly and most importantly, spending more valuable time with my kids. I see a lot of camping going on this spring/ summer. I see lots of hands on stuff like board games and getting away from screens. There are tons of trails here on Cape that we haven’t explored yet. This is gonna be an awesome year for the boys and I. I can’t wait to get started.

Throughout 2019 I will provide updates as I check off items from this list, but I think I got some lofty goals. Today is the first day of the rest of my life and I’m going for it!!!

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