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Can you help me help the animals?

You’ve seen this post before if you follow VCG on social media, but in 12 short days I am running another Ragnar with the fine folks from Strong Hearts Vegan Power. This will be my third Ragnar with them. The first two were Cape Cod and the Adirondacks. This one is in PA and runs through Amish country and the Poconos.

Like the races we’ve run before, the team is raising money for an animal sanctuary. Our beneficiary this time is Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary. These guys are amazing and do great work to rescue animals from abusive conditions such as backyard “farms”, slaughterhouses and more. After the race, Saturday night, we are camping there and then hanging out with the animals the next day. You will surely see more than enough photos that day.

I’m asking you to click the link (https://www.classy.org/fundraiser/901647) and donate what you can to help me hit my goal of $250. I’m at $80 and change right now so I still have a while to go. Do you think you could help? Please?


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